follow the simple steps below:

1. Click on the GET STARTED button (on the top right hand corner of the homepage). Enter your email address and postcode.
2. Select a meal plan to suit your needs from the menu options.
3. On the MENU page, select the number of meals according to your plan or click welcome to the jungle package for ongoing
subscription. Then click NEXT.
4. Enter your Account. Delivery and Payment details.
5. Review your order and click SUBMIT. Your order is now confirmed! Easy as 1, 2, 3, BANANAS!
Yes! Monkeyfoodz meals are made fresh-to-order, and are delivered fresh, never frozen. However, if you would like to freeze your meals, the menu items without raw salad ingredients freeze well.
Most meals have a shelf-life of 7 days in the fridge. However, please note that the meals containing raw salad ingredients have a shorter refrigerated shelf-life of 5-6 days max (counted from the day prior to delivery, when the meals are picked up for refrigerated transport by our delivery courier). Each meal will be delivered with an individual expiry date.
If you want to extend the shelf-life even further, the meals without raw salad ingredients freeze well.
With Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) - a natural preservation process involving the removal of oxygen to significantly increase shelf-life, without the need for preservatives.
Your meals are also always delivered fresh by courier in insulated refrigerated boxes with eco friendly ice packs and eco friendly insulation mesh which help keep your meals cold for 4-6 hours from delivery.
Yes! Choose whatever you like from our menu of delicious recipes - from the meal plan that is tailored towards your needs. Once you place an order with us, you’ll receive a weekly email reminder about the cut off time for making changes to your order.
The main differences between the different meal plans are the selection between the Breakfast range, Lifestyle range, Gourmet range and Vegan/Vegetarian ranges. The macronutrients you need will vary according to your needs and goals, but this is optional.
Absolutely, you can add extra whatever you want! Help yourself you greedy monkey! Use the drop-down menu to add extra meat or veggies to your meals!
No cooking needed! All meals arrive cooked and ready-to-eat so you can heat and enjoy them at your convenience, and without having to do the dishes!
Yes, all meals are delivered pre-portioned, and come with nutritional information, heating instructions and a full ingredients list - so you know exactly what you’re getting!
Yes! Every meal comes in a microwave-safe (and recyclable) container, covered with a plastic film. Our packaging DOES NOT leach out undesirable BPA when microwaved.

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