Is the Ketogenic Diet for you?

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Ketogenic Diet is a fan favourite amongst celebrities.
In fact it became a trendy form of diet due to several testimonies by celebrities.
It became the talk of the town emphasising its benefits like improving blood sugar levels of Type 2 diabetes suffers.

When you talk about keto, the most important thing to remember is low carbs and high fat diet. This is not all it is in keto but this is the most basic of all information that you should know.

You will hear of several types of the Ketogenic Diet but the most common and has the concrete research evidence would be the Standard Ketogenic Diet.

Basically, this will circle around very low intake of carbohydrates, moderate amount of protein and high fat diet. Something amazing about keto diet would be the amount of weight you would lose without having the problem of not being completely full and no need to count calories which may be a bit of a hassle for some.

What to Do and what Not To Do when you are on a ketogenic diet?
Avoid Sweets – always remember to eat within moderation. It’s bad to deprive yourself but just remember portioning. Avoid sugary drinks as well.
Stick to natural food – organic is the way to go! Naturally grown vegetables, plant-fed cow and even natural sweeteners. Natural is natural.
Fats is there to help! – Since you will be cutting back carbohydrates your body will then turn to fats to increase the source of energy for body processes and brain activity.
Take a break from fast food – I think everyone’s already aware that fast food is far from healthy (but hey we eat them anyways) but due to its accessibility and satisfaction we tend to stick with them. But if you want that healthy life, you got to cut back. Remember, when it’s fast it doesn’t last.
A big no no to low-fat food – As I have mentioned earlier, Keto will focus on low carb and HIGH fat diet.
Plan before you eat, don’t eat before you plan. – I think this needs no explanation, don’t look it up after eating, look it up before! Not just would this risk you from eating something not aligned to Keto but you’ll feel guiltier.

It can be hard but it’s for the long run!
This may be a lot to take in because maybe you have been associated with carbs for longer than you can remember. (notice the irony?)

Something to inspire you if you are really interested with this regimen would be its long term benefits. You will have lower risks of developing cancer and heart problems.

If you’re trying to lose weight, this is a great way to do it because your higher intake of healthy fats would reduce your cravings and hunger.

There have also been studies that show the hypothesis that keto would reduce seizure episodes for people living with epilepsy due to its effect of breaking down ketones.

There has also been a study with regards to the effects of the Ketogenic Diet to the Insulin resistance in patients with diabetes. Here is a graph that portrays the results from the conducted study:

This study showed that the ketogenic diet lowered the insulin levels of patients with diabetes which means reduced insulin resistance. It was also observed that the subjects that used the keto diet have lost almost 13 lbs. (6 kg) while the one’s in the high carb group lost only about 4 lbs (1.8 kg). This is a study by the New England Journal of Medicine of 2003.

Monkey Foodz got your back.
It may seem as if everything contains carbs and you’re probably already overthinking trying to figure out how to make this plan work. Don’t fear because mokey foodz is here! We are here to guide you and deliver a healthy and amazing variety of food (we literally deliver at your doorstep!) that fits this type of diet. Our menu includes meals that are plant-based and contains the suggested amount of protein and fat that you will be needing and again, not sacrificing your love for eating.

Cut, Prioritise and Find
The plan is to Cut back Carbs, to Prioritise our Proteins, and Find as much as possible Fats within the meal. A famous example of a meal that we offer which will fit within this plan would be our Cajun Chicken Breast with Roasted Pumpkin which has the perfect balance of proteins and fat that you need! Not to mention, it is tasty! That is just a taste of how we will help you out with your health journey.

You are unique.
We believe in an individualistic approach, every person is unique, we all have different tastes and needs and we will make sure that we will find what’s best for you and your taste. As you are comfortable, we too are comfortable!

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